学生投诉程序的目的是为学生提供一个程序, 本科生和研究生都可以, to seek resolution of disputes and complaints that do not fall within the scope of one of the other complaint procedures.


在北园大学, there are a number of complaint procedures through which students can raise and seek redress for what they believe to be unfair, 不适当或歧视性的决定, 行动, 或治疗. 北园认真对待所有投诉,并遵循适当的政策.

This complaint procedure may not be invoked for matters that have independent appeal processes established. 这些例子包括但不限于:

1. If the matter involves an academic decision, the Student Academic Grievance Procedure applies. (发现于 学生手册.)
2. 如果涉及到住房或室友的问题, 学生宿舍申诉程序适用. (发现于 学生手册.)
3. 如果事件涉及歧视、骚扰、偏见和/或性侵犯 Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence or 报复 适用并优先于其他可能也适用的投诉程序(e.g.(一名室友被指控性骚扰).
4. 如果这件事涉及违章停车,那么 违例停车上诉 流程适用于.
5. If the matter involves a violation of the policies and community standards in the 学生手册, 那么学生行为准则程序就适用了. (发现于 学生手册.)
6. 如果这件事涉及到由于学业进步而产生的经济资助,那么 令人满意的学业进展 流程适用于.
7. If the matter involves financial aid award package, the Financial Aid Appeal 流程适用于. (发现于 学术目录.)

如果没有具体的程序已经到位, the 学生投诉程序 may be utilized to formally identify the issue or dispute and seek its resolution. 该过程概述如下. 对副总裁的决定或行为提出质疑的投诉, 教务长, 或院长 (for which no other specific complaint or appeal process is provided) proceed directly to Step 4.


  • 拒绝提供残疾设施
  • 涉及1974年《澳门网络赌博游戏》(FERPA)的索赔
  • Policy or procedure applied unfairly and/or in a different manner than it was applied to others
  • 在执行政策或程序时出现的行政错误


  • 对教师对学习成绩的评价提出异议
  • 留校察看, 取消资格, 或者系的其他学术决定, 大学, 或者是大学
  • 大学生行为行为
  • 学术欺诈指控
  • 停车引用
  • 大学债务
  • 根据任何学校政策进行投诉的报复
  • 联邦和州法律
  • 雇佣和人事决策
  • 理事会的政策


受委屈的学生必须先与工作人员协商, 教员, 或者是试图解决问题的学生. 如果学生不习惯先向工作人员或教职员工讲话, 您可以直接跳到步骤2. You may also choose to report any non-academic complaint through the Report a Non-Academic Grievance form in the EARS.



  1. 使用您的北公园电子邮件地址和密码登录EARS.
  2. 从启动台上,单击标有“请求帮助”的救生衣图标.
  3. 在新推荐页面上,在顶部填写您的联系信息.
  4. 在转介部分, 单击下拉菜单,选择“报告非学术投诉-学生表格”.
  5. Fill out each field with as much detail as possible to give the University enough information to properly address your complaint.
  6. 单击预览并查看您的回复. 准备好后,单击Submit以完成报告.

Unresolved complaints shall be filed 以书面形式 by the student with the appropriate staff or 教员’s supervisor and/or human resources. 在对学生的投诉中, 书面投诉应提交给学生教务处. 在与人力资源助理副总裁协商后, 学生主任和/或主管, an inquiry will be conducted and an attempt to resolve the matter impartially and as quickly as possible. This step is generally concluded within ten (10) business days of the date the complaint was received.

如果学生对先前的决定不满意, 学生可以提出申诉, 以书面形式, 致副总统, 教务长, 或院长, 适当的. 投诉在任何情况下都应及时提出, 在第二步决定后的五个工作日内. 诉状必须概括裁决, action, 或者其他令人悲伤的事情,并解释为什么它受到挑战. 应附上任何相关文件的副本. 副总统, 教务长, 或者院长收到投诉, 或者指定负责解决投诉的人, 是否会进行必要的调查, 包括学生之间的联合会议, 被投诉的人:被投诉的人, if any, 以及负责任何政策或程序的大学官员. 在会议中, both the grievant and any person who is the subject of the complaint may request the assistance and presence of another member of the North Park University Community. 适当的副校长、教务长、院长或指定人员将立即作出决定.

如果学生对第3步的决定不满意,学生可以向 大学校长. The appeal must be made no later than five business days after the prior decision and shall be 以书面形式. 上诉必须总结判决, action, 或者其他有争议的事情, 解释为什么它受到挑战, 并描述投诉过程的任何先前步骤, 包括决定. 应附上任何相关文件的副本. 主席应根据提交的记录决定上诉, 以及总统认为适当的其他调查. 主席的决定是最终的和有约束力的.


我们将尽一切努力及时解决投诉. 本政策规定的时间限制可以通过双方书面协议延长. 如果双方没有书面协议延长期限, 如果学生未能在规定的时间内上诉到下一级, 该投诉将在最后作出的决定的基础上被视为解决. If the University fails to act on a complaint or to notify the student of the decision at any level within the specified time limits, the student will be permitted to appeal to the next level within the time that would have been allotted had the decision been communicated within the appropriate time limit.

报复 is defined as adverse action against an individual who has (1) complained about alleged Prohibited Conduct or otherwise utilized a complaint procedure created by the University, (二)作为当事人或者证人参加调查, 调查, 或与此类指控或投诉有关的听证会, or (3) participated as a party or witness in a court proceeding or administrative 调查 relating to such allegations. 校园内任何成员的报复, 包括学生, 教师, 和工作人员, 是被州和联邦法律禁止的并且违反了北公园政策. 严禁报复行为.

投诉人可采取临时措施. Interim measures are temporary measures to ensure the integrity of the process and to safeguard the complainant and the University community. 这些措施可能包括改变学术, 生活, 运输, or working situations and limiting or suspending access to University facilities and events or regulating continued interaction between the complainant and the subject of the complaint. 如投诉人希望探讨采取临时措施的可能性, 请与学生教务长或人力资源助理副校长联系.

Students should complete North Park’s internal complaint process before seeking external resolution of the issue. External agencies may refer complaints back to the University if the student has not gone through the University’s process.

根据高等教育委员会政策FDCR.A.10.030 -院校学生投诉记录, 北园大学已制定了上述学生投诉程序. North Park University is required by law to share information about the complaints with its accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; however, individual identities will not be revealed without the express permission of the complainant or as required by law.

The Dean of Students Office will annually review the data to identify any trends/issues that warrant further 调查, 修订现行政策, etc.

学生是否希望向监管机构提出投诉, 联系方式如下. Please note that these offices will require that a student first seek resolution directly with the institution by following the defined complaint or grievance policy.


如对本政策的解释有任何疑问,可向 教务长.

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